This simple website is a new experiment from the folks behind Anglotopia. It's an effort to find new ways for the website to make money and cover it's expensive operating costs. is a new subscription newsletter where we send you a pretty picture of Britain every day. Each picture is a high resolution image suitable for desktop - or phone - wallpapers. Each picture is accompanied by a short paragraph about the subject or something related to it.

It will be a daily visual journey around Britain, right in your inbox, every morning. Since none of us can travel to Britain right now, this is a great way to travel there virtually and experience a little bit of Britain every day.

A subscription costs $3 a month or $25 a year. After credit card fees and hosting costs, we end up with about $2 of that $3. If you subscribe for a year, you will get a free 8.5x11 inch print of a picture of your choice (we'll put up a form that you can use to choose the image). Billing and renewal is automatic. That's it. Dead simple.

For the price of a cup of tea, you get to support Anglotopia's publishing and social media activities and get a little something extra. We've been operating on a shoestring budget trying to get through this. Now, it's time to think ahead and try some new things.  This website will have NO ADVERTISING.

Enjoy beautiful Britain, right in your inbox, every morning. For a sample of what you'll get - we've made five images free to view. Check them out and then please subscribe!

Join us!