We're here to answer your frequently asked questions.

Who took these pictures?

Every photo shared here was taken by me (Jonathan Thomas founder of Anglotopia) in over 20 years of travel around Britain. I will only share my own pictures here.

What kind of pictures will I see?

Every post will be unique. We'll share photos of special places, people, and things all over the island of Great Britain. Every place we have visited personally. Every short essay is written by me.

What's the sign-up process?

Click the subscribe button and select your plan, enter your email and credit card information and you're subscribed. You will get a confirmation email with your login link to access the rest of the site.

How do I login?

You login with your email, every time you login, simply enter your email and you'll get a one-time link. No password is necessary.

When do I get my first email?

After the welcome email, you will get your first email the next day with that day's image. You can access the entire image archive for free by browsing through the website.

How do I cancel?

Login and then click your subscription and click cancel. The billing will stop immediately. There are no pro-rated refunds, however.

How do I get my free 8.5x11 image?

Simply email admin@britannia.photos when you see a photo you like with your subscription and address and we'll take it from there.

Why would I pay for this?

To support Anglotopia - hosting costs, business costs, paying writers, etc and see a pretty picture of Britain every day.

Is there a free option?

Yes, but this gets you only 1-2 images a month. We need as many people as possible to sign up for the paid version.

How many images will I get?

You will get an image ever day - so if you subscribe for a month - you get every image that month. If you subscribe for a year - you get 365 images.

What resolution are the images?

Images are exported from our photo library in print resolution, the files are quite large - you can download them from there and do what you like with them - except sell them yourself.